Frequently Asked Questions

Complete hands-on ultrasound education

  • Cancellation Policy: Full refund minus $300 for any cancellations no later than 4 weeks before the first day of the course. No refunds for cancellations less than 4 weeks before the course. On rare occasions it may be possible to offer a partial refund if another person is able to take the cancellation spot on short notice but this is NOT guaranteed.
  • Course Cancellation: In the event that the course must be cancelled for any reason, participants will be refunded the full amount of the course fee. All other expenses incurred on behalf of the participants are at their own risk.
  • Can I book a flight out in the afternoon of day 3?  It is recommended to give yourself plenty of time if you are travelling to Pearson International Airport or Toronto.  On average expect a 2 hour trip that can be longer in bad traffic or weather.  The course usually finishes around 5pm but for those who need to repeat exams it can end at 6pm.
  • Why do bootcamps cost so much?  The high ratio of experienced instructors, large number of ultrasound machines, expensive simulators, and over 100 live models means a lot expenses. But you get what you paid for!
  • Do I need to study other material? CORE Bootcamp and EDE3 provide online manuals that will cover all the needed content. However, it is recommended that participants consider obtaining the Essentials of Point-of-Care Ultrasound by Socransky at the iBookstore or in hardcover through the EDE2 course website. This text is required for the Resuscitation, Diagnostic, and MSK bootcamps.
  • What is the CME for bootcamps? 60 CCFP Cert+ credits or 25 Royal College Section 3 credits
  • Is there another way to pay for a course? If you are unable to pay by credit card or PayPal, contact us about sending a cheque or money order. Registration is not confirmed until the payment is successfully deposited. A receipt will be emailed at that time.
  • Is IP Certification guaranteed? Unfortunately there is always a chance that a participant will fail the retake of an exam or not obtain all the needed scans to qualify for certification with CPoCUS. If the instructors do not feel a participant is safe and competent to perform the applications they will recommend additional training be obtained at a later date. This is EXTREMELY RARE, as we work hard to identify those needing extra assistance and spend additional time addressing challenges.