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EDE 3 Sun Peaks

The EDE 3 course is a leading edge point-of-care ultrasound two or three day workshop for emergency physicians. It explores advanced applications beyond the basics and mid-level content found in most other programs.

Courses have been held in Toronto and various winter and tropical resorts.

Our most advanced EDE instructors will help attendees learn how to perform scans including: appendicitis, bowel obstruction, hernias, pneumoperitoneum, advanced nerve blocks, cricothyrotomy guidance, endotracheal tube intubation assistance, shoulder assessment, testicular torsion and rupture, advanced volume assessment, advanced pulmonary, cardiac wall motion, diastology, valvular disease and transcranial scan for bleeds and mass effect.

Day 1
1600 Introduction
1615 A4C, PSL quick review
1630 Scan
1730 PSS/RV assessment
1745 Scan
1830 Spectral Doppler
1840 Scan
1915 End day one

Day 2
0700 Breakfast
0730 Diastology
0745 Scan
0845 Valves
0900 Scan
1000 Enjoy the resort
1600 Nerve Blocks
1620 Scan
1720 Appendix quick review
1800 Scan
1900 Finished for day

Day 3:
0700 Breakfast
0730 Comprehensive scan scenarios
0800 Scan
1000 Enjoy the resort
1600 POCUS literature review
1700 Open Scanning
1830 Wrap up and farewell

Do you have to take EDE 2 first?

It is not mandatory to have taken EDE 2 but it is recommended. Participants are expected to have experience in core applications and will get more from the experience if they are comfortable with basic emergency department scans.

How many instructors and stations are there?

EDE 3 has one instructor for each station and 2 or 3 participants per station.

What CME credits are available for EDE 3?

EDE 3 is accredited for up to 28 Cert + credits with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and 16 hours of Section 3 credits with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Each college has reciprocity agreements for American CME credits.

The EDE 3 Manual will be available for download approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the course. With the leading edge applications, we are editing and adding new content constantly!

Cancellation for any reason up to 6 weeks before the first day of the course will result in a refund minus $300.
Cancellations 4-6 weeks before the course will have a $600 deduction.
There is no refund for cancellations 4 weeks or less before the course begins.