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Resuscitation Bootcamp is an intense three day workshop that provides all supervised scans and exams needed to obtain the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS) certification as an independent practitioner in resuscitation-based applications.

You will practice cardiac scans in parasternal long, parasternal short and apical four-chamber views, along with IVC assessment and lung scans. Emphasis is placed on good technique, efficiency, problem solving the difficult scan, and clinical integration. You will learn to use POCUS for management in shock, arrest, hypotension, and undifferentiated dyspnea.

The CPoCUS certification exams include a written, observed practical, and visual exam. One-on-one instructor supervision is provided during visual and practical exams where pathology is reviewed and clinical scenarios explored during interactive sessions.

Bootcamp provides constant real-time feedback and identifies those needing more time, more practice, and more help.

The goal of bootcamp is to offer the training and practice so the participant can comfortably use POCUS independently in their own department for resuscitation and shock management. It has been designed to meet the requirements for complete CPoCUS certification.

Day 1
0730 Intro
0815 Scan session 1
1015 Break
1030 Scan session 2
1230 Lunch
1315 Scan session 3 and written exam
1515 Break
1530 Scan session 4
1530 Finish
Day 2
0800 Scan session 5
1000 Break
1015 Scan session 6
1215 Lunch
1300 Scan session 7
1500 Break
1515 Scan session 8
Day 3
0800 Scan session 9
1000 Break
1015 Scan session 10
1215 Lunch
1300 Visual exam session 1
1500 Visual exam session 2
1700 Finish

Do you have to be IP certified in core applications (AAA, PCE, FAST, 1st TM pregnancy) first?

It is not mandatory but being IP certified in the core applications is recommended.

How many instructors and stations are there?

EDE has one instructor for each station and 2 participants per station. For those needing more practice and assistance, we arrange periods of one-to-one instruction.

What CME credits are available for Resuscitation Bootcamp?

EDE Resuscitation Bootcamp is accredited for up to 25 Cert + credits with the Canadian College of Family Physicians and 25 hours of Section 3 credits with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Each college has reciprocity agreements for American CME credits.

Participants will be provided with the EDE2 Online course modules required for the workshop. It is recommended that the iBook or hardcover textbook Point-of-care Ultrasound for Emergency Physicians be used as a resource.

Cancellation for any reason up to 6 weeks before the first day of the course will result in a refund minus $300.
Cancellations 4-6 weeks before the course will have a $600 deduction.
There is no refund for cancellations 4 weeks or less before the course begins.