EDE Diagnostic Bootcamp Course Information

Complete hands-on ultrasound education

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EDE Diagnostic Bootcamp is a three day workshop that includes the following applications:

  • Gallbladder for stones and cholecystitis
  • Bladder imaging
  • Hydronephrosis and renal calculae
  • Proximal leg DVT
  • Ocular scan for retinal detachment and vitreous bleeds

Pre-course written and video tutorial materials are provided. At least 10 hours of preparation time is required.

There are three sets of exams:

  • Written Exam: Multiple choice online
  • Practical Exam: Observed structured clinical exam where the candidate demonstrates image generation, problem solving techniques, patient communication, and use of machine.
  • Visual Exam: Interactive exercise with an instructor reviewing images and video clips that demonstrate normal and pathological findings and how to clinically integrate data.

Candidates that successfully complete all required scans and examinations are eligible for CPoCUS Diagnostic Independent Practitioner Certification.