IP Challenge Program

Complete hands-on ultrasound education

Already completed POCUS training and have plenty of scanning experience? Or did you attend an intro course like EDE and have had trouble getting those last 10-20 scans supervised so you can take your certification exams?

This one-day program is for those who already have extensive POCUS experience or need 10-20 more supervised scans to qualify for taking the exams and obtain their CORE certification as independent practitioners with the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPOCUS).

Taking an IP challenge includes:

  • Supervised practice scans to help prepare the candidate for their challenge
  • Online access to mandatory curriculum for certification
  • Assessment by a master instructor to determine how many further scans are required before taking the certification exams
  • Opportunity to perform 10-25 additional scans in each application to meet needed numbers and/or competency
  • Opportunity to take the written, practical and visual exams if found to have adequate skills after practice scans

CPoCUS Certification requirements:

Membership with CPoCUS.

Up to 50 supervised determinate scans in each application. (Depending on specific application.)

Written exam with an 85% passing mark.

Practical Exam: Observed structured clinical exam where the candidate demonstrates image generation, problem solving techniques, patient communication, and use of machine.

Visual Exam: Interactive exercise with an instructor reviewing images and video clips that demonstrate normal and pathological findings and how to clinically integrate data.

More info available at CPoCUS´╗┐

Candidates that successfully complete all required scans and examinations are eligible for CPoCUS CORE Independent Practitioner Certification.

How get your IP Certification

If you already have 25 or more supervised scans in each application, you can attend one of our one-day programs to obtain the remainder of your scans and then take the exams afterwards.

If you don’t have the pre-requisite scans but have obtained extensive POCUS training in another program or over several years of practice, then you must first complete a request at CPOCUS to be considered for the exams and certification. Please go to the CPoCUS website and review the requirements.

Note there is no guarantee you will obtain your certification on your challenge day. If your assessors determine that you need a significant number of additional scans before attempting the exams, there may not be time to complete these scans and also take the exams. You may need to retake some or all of the exams depending on your performance. The priority is always to make sure you are safe and competent in POCUS! A separate date can be arranged to take exams in most cases.

Contact us directly if you wish to schedule an IP Challenge at greg@emergdoc.com