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This is the highest standard and resource intensive course of its kind!  More instructors per student, more models, and more machines.  You get intense one-on-one supervision of your scans on live models.  This is the Rolls-Royce of POCUS courses.  Nothing else comes close!
The Open Bootcamp is for those who need to complete supervised scanning in a variety of applications, from the original CORE scans to resuscitation related, MSK, or diagnostic focussed.
Our system allows for those who need extra time to complete their scans and receive additional instructor support while those who are faster are not stuck waiting around. We understand the learning needs of the adult learner and busy practicing physician!

Simply speaking, this program isn’t comparable to a regular POCUS course. The EDE Bootcamp is certification process with almost 30 hours of hands-on training and a 2:1 ratio of student to instructor. The visual and practical exams are conducted 1:1 and take over 3 hours. Most other courses provide one instructor for 3 to 5 students to let you try several applications giving you a fraction of our scanning time. Bootcamp trains you to master image generation, problem-solving the difficult scan, and clinical integration. Speed and efficiency are reinforced. We want you to be ready to use these applications in a busy environment. We always have senior instructors, with hundreds of hours of POCUS teaching experience supervising everyone’s progress. Additional 1 on 1 training is provided to those who most need it. There is NO other program that offers this amount and type of education for lower cost.
You can spend less for another course and leave with at best a few hours of real hands-on experience, or you can immerse yourself in the most intense POCUS training available and walk away with usable skills! What is your time worth?

Day 1
0730 Brief introduction and review of scanning technique
0815 Scanning session 1
1015 Break
1030 Scan session 2
1230 Lunch provided
1315 Scan session 3
1515 Break
1530 Scan session 4
1730 Finished for day

Day 2
0815 Scan session 5
1015 Break
1030 Scan session 6
1230 Lunch break
1315 Scan session 7
1515 Break
1530 Scan session 8
1730 Finished for day

Day 3
0815 Scan session 9
1015 Break
1030 Scan session 10
1230 Lunch
1315 Scan session 11
1530 Finish

EDE Bootcamp is held in Brantford Ontario either at the Brantford General Hospital or at a local hotel and conference centre in Brantford.
It is easy to get here by highway 403. Brantford is 15 minutes from the Hamilton airport and 90 minutes from Pearson airport. A train station is 5 minutes away.

We cannot guarantee all attendees will complete all their needed scans and pass all examinations to obtain CPoCUS IP status though we provide far more models than the minimum requirements.

We provide an opportunity to redo exams but cannot guarantee all applicants will pass. In the past it has been extremely rare to fail if the attendee has completed all the pre-course reading and pretest preparation. Another session may need to be booked for an additional fee should the learner fail to satisfactorily complete all scans or examinations.

It is therefore imperative to prepare well for this course! Read the manual at least two times. Watch the instructional videos carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask questions of the instructors during the day if there are any areas of uncertainty.

Cancellations for any reason up to 4 weeks before the course begins will receive a refund minus $350.
There is no refund for cancellations less than 4 weeks prior to the first day.
Please do not register if you cannot afford the cost of cancellation or else arrange cancellation insurance like you might for a big vacation. We recognize the course cost is significant. In select cases there may be a partial refund if another person can take the spot but this is NOT guaranteed.

There is no resident discount available due to the enormous costs and resources required to provide 1:1 instruction and over 250 scans. Some residency programs have made special arrangements for EDE Bootcamp courses but their fee structure is not available to individual residents from other centres.

What if I have already done an EDE course or another CPoCUS-recognized introductory program?

You may access the EDE Online course for practice before Bootcamp but it is not mandatory. You will begin the hands on session immediately and all scans count towards your certification requirements. If you have already done a course, 200 determinate scans are required. If you have not previously done a course, additional scans are needed. We provide a lot of time and models to get your scans done either way! The full course fee is charged regardless of previous experience.

What if I have not taken an EDE, EDTU or equivalent course?

We have you complete the EDE online course before Bootcamp begins. You will be required to complete 8 scans of each area to meet the hands-on requirements of the EDE course. After those scans are completed all further scans count towards IP certification. Thus you will be performing 58 scans per area in total.

What is the CME for doing Bootcamp EDE?

IP certification is worth 60 Mainpro+. For completion of the EDE online course 30 additional credits are available. 25 Section 3 credits for IP certification and 12 more for EDE are available for RCPSC members.

Are there any other dates scheduled for Bootcamp EDE?

We tentatively hold courses in Spring and fall.

I have always wanted to go to Brampton. Put me down for a spot.

Note that the course is NOT being held in Brampton. It is being held in BRANTFORD, home of Wayne Gretzky and Alexander Graham Bell when he invented the telephone.

Will I get my IP certification for sure?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee. It is possible to not get all your determinant scans completed due to challenging models or speed of scanning. It is possible to fail the exams as they are designed to the highest standards. We want you to practice safely in the real world. If you fail to complete all the scans or exams, an additional training session may be arranged at a later time for an additional fee.

How many places are there in the course?

20-34 registrants will be allowed to take the course depending on available resources. A waiting list will be kept in case of cancellations and those on the list notified the moment a place becomes available.

What’s the deal with CPoCUS?

The Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS) was created to define standards for physicians wanting to practice point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the emergency department. Many hospitals across Canada demand physicians have a CPoCUS Independent Practitioner certificate before being privileged to perform POCUS. Medicolegal organizations recognize such certificates as having a bearing on questions of qualification to perform such skills. Many provincial billing departments demand that physicians seeking to bill for their POCUS scans have some similar level of training.
For more information go to the CPoCUS website: www.cpocus.ca

What kind of instructors will I be getting?

Brantford is a CPoCUS training centre and has certified hundreds of physicians, residents, and students. We certify more physicians annually than any other centre in Canada. We have a large group of experienced educators that provide instruction in basic and advanced applications.
Our core staff is involved in the teaching and development of the EDE 1, EDE 2 and EDE 3 courses and has authored chapters in reference textbooks on POCUS and present at national conferences.

Tell me about the examinations

The written exam is multiple choice. It takes 45 min on average to complete. The content is covered in the EDE textbook. It is quite challenging and the trainee should read the text several times as well as do the pretest questions to prepare. Approximately 85% is required to pass. Trainees get to rewrite the exam on day 2 if needed.
The practical exam takes approximately an hour with participants asked to perform scans in a structured, observed process.
The visual exam takes approximately 2 hours to complete. The trainee watches a series of images and video clips on a computer one-on-one with an instructor and answers questions. It is an interactive exercise designed to teach and assess clinical thinking, image recognition, and exposure to pathology. If the trainee makes a “lethal” error. i.e. Calls an image an intrauterine pregnancy when it is an ectopic, the exam must be redone. If the trainee makes more than 6 “nonlethal errors” such as calling an intrauterine pregnancy an indeterminate scan, the exam must also be redone.

Can I book flights out Monday afternoon?

You will be doing this at your own risk. We cannot guarantee when you will finish as it depends on passing all exams and completing your scans. We also cannot schedule everyone to do their visual exam first thing in the morning as it requires 1:1 instructor time. If you need to redo an exam it can add an extra 2 hours to Monday afternoon. Most people are finished by 4pm. If you are flying out of Toronto make sure to give yourself some extra time because traffic can be horrible.

Access to the EDE online course is provided approximately 6 weeks prior to the first day of Bootcamp. All content necessary to complete the CPoCUS exams is included.

No additional reference materials are required for EDE Bootcamp. However, if you wish to do additional reading about both core and advanced applications, Essentials of Point of Care Ultrasound by Steve Socransky is available as an iBook in the Apple iBookstore. The hardcover version can also be purchased through the EDE 2 website: www.ede2course.com

On average there are two cancellations per course and they usually happen 1-2 months beforehand. Wait lists often have 10-15 people on them for each course. Those who can keep the dates available until the last minute have the best chance.

Every EDE bootcamp course has sold out, 3-6 months in advance in most cases. If you want to guarantee a spot, we recommend registering as soon as possible.

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